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By Talat Chaudhry



Urdu Poetry

Urdu Poetry is a rich tradition of poetry and has differrent forms. It is an important part of the culture of south asia. The language of Urdu reached its pinnacle under the british raj and it received official status in 1947.


Artistic Images

Art and the love are the same thing. Its the process of the seeing yourself in things that are not you. Pablo Picasso says I am always doing that which i can not do, in order that i may learn how to do that.


Punjabi Poetry

Punjabi Poetry developed through Shah Hussain (1538-1599) and the Sufi tradition of Sultan Bahu (1628-1691) and Buleh Shah (1680-1757). The founder of this tradition in Punjabi Poetry was Baba Farid.



About Me

I am Talat Chaudhry from Chakwal Punjab Pakistan. I love Urdu/Punjabi Meaningful Poetry and creative Art. Islamic Calligraphy is also my choice. Best quote by Scot Adsms ! Creativity is allowing your self to make miatakes, Art is knowing which one to keep. My main focus is to find things of my interest for my viewers. I hope you will enjoy my collection.

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